A story

August 27, 2020

Here is a story told by a young passenger who jumped into Viggo’s taxi at Copenhagen Airport in 1962.

When she wrote that story to me in 2020 – 58 years later – I thought it deserved a page of its own here.

It speaks volumes about Viggo’s joy of meeting people and how he cared for them.

“Viggo and I met in 1962 when I took his taxi from the airport to the hotel in Copenhagen. I was a 20 year old on my first stop before attending the University of Madrid for a year. He became a friend that day.

It was a different world when I had no fear about accepting his suggestion that he pick me up for a tour of Copenhagen the next day. And that afternoon he took me to his home to meet his wife and baby and my first dinner in Denmark.

It was during that dinner that they suggested another tour the following day to Elsinore (Helsingør) where they hosted me the entire day. It was a trip I never forgot. So much so, that I contacted you through your gallery when my husband and I returned to Copenhagen when I was in my 60’s.

Viggo met us at the airport and we not only had several meals together but he invited us to his apartment. We sat at the same table by the window that is seen in some of photos of him working. 

It was there that he gave me a photo album that he put together for me with my photo the photo he took of me on our tour along with photos of him and his wife.

I hope he knew how he impacted other people. I know my life was enhanced by knowing him.

Please keep in touch. If your travels bring you to San Diego I will happily be your “taxi driver”.”

Carmen Multhauf

San Diago, United States

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