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• This site in its entirety is endorsed by Viggo Rivad in January 2013. “It’s fine, really, I like it a lot, but as you know I do not like photos of myself!” – said the photographer who has taken pictures of thousands of people!
At the time it is created, there is no other comprehensive website endorsed by him.
All photos by Viggo Rivad were selected for this website by him and digital copies made available to Jan Oberg who has created its layout, constructed the site and written the texts.

Viggo Rivad and his heirs maintain the copyright to all photos designated © Viggo Rivad.
Jan Oberg maintains the copyright to all photos designated © Jan Oberg as well as to the website as such.
It is strictly prohibited to reproduce any photo for any purpose, be it commercial or non-commercial, without the written permission of either Viggo Rivad or his heirs, ref. Linda Rivad (see below).

Contact for Viggo Rivad’s photography
All copyright, sales, exhibitions, publications and media:
Linda Rivad at

Contact for this website
Jan Oberg
Vegagatan 25
S – 224 57 Lund, Sweden
Phone +46 (0) 738 52 52 00


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